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Publié le vendredi 22 octobre 2004

Message to the Nigeria Labour Congress

Adams Oshiomhole
Nigeria Labour Congress

Dear Colleague,

We have just learned – with anger and indignation – of the serious acts of intimidation against your organisation’s leaders and activists, as well as of your arrest on 9 October, and the physical violence used against you.

These acts constitute an intolerable attack against legitimate trade union activities and are in blatant violation of internationally-recognised labour standards, in particular ILO Convention N°85, that the Nigerian government ratified and by which it must abide.

We are following very closely the struggle waged by workers in your country against the successive oil price hikes. We believe that your struggle aims at ensuring a decent purchasing power for all Nigerians and to draw the population out of the trap of pauperism in oil-rich Nigeria.
We enclose the letter sent this day to the President of the Republic of Nigeria.

We wish you prompt recovery and much success in all your coming endeavours.

Yours fraternally,

Guy JuquelHead of
Europe/International Department CGT